DSC05209 News

Designed to go head-to-head with the Magura Vyron, KS have just unveiled their own wireless electronic dropper seatpost. Zip-zap-zaaaap…

Sep 2nd 3
PMBA RD 4 (2) News

Huge pot and complete list of sponsors announced…

Jan 27th
DSC_0214 News

Chuffin' 'eck, there's some reet grand stuff in't office this week, thar kners…

Dec 4th
P1030621 Trade Show

A dropper post you can cut down to size? What? With a saw? Really? …

Aug 27th
PMBA Logo News

We're proud to be supporting the PMBA Enduro Series for a second year in 2015; and entries go live today at midday.…

Jan 19th
How much travel?
That much travel. Trade Show

And there was much rejoicing (among racers and 'crossers)…

Oct 24th
DSC_0196 News

Laydeez and Gennlemen, it's what you've been waiting for - it's Fresh Goods Friday!…

Sep 26th
IMG_0862 News

Internal cable version and lower collar versions coming out soon.…

Apr 30th
IMG_0416 Press Launch

Finally a 27.2 uppy/downy post! And how about a rear shock with ally spring?…

Aug 23rd

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