Online Feature

Dave quizzes Chipps about the recent Santa Cruz Highball launch in New Zealand…

Feb 20th

29in carbon and alloy models, plus brand new 27.5in carbon race machines from Santa Cruz…

Feb 17th

No filth embraced. No hunkering down over the handlebars and pedalling on into the freezing hail. What's going on? …

Mar 11th
Monday Morning Debrief

This week a different kind of sick riding…

Jan 28th

There's no riding like snow riding and it's not the preserve of fat bikes…

Jan 21st

A weekend of wet, wet and more wet. Dave reports back for this week's Monday Morning Debrief.…

Dec 24th

Dave has spent six months aboard his carbon big wheeler - it may be called a 'race weapon' but what's it like every day?…

Mar 18th
Press Launch

We take a closer look at the affordable aluminium brother to the Highball 29er hardtail…

Mar 1st

Sep 5th
Press Launch

May 30th

Carbon 29er hardtail, a new UK-friendly 5in Blur and an alloy Tallboy!…

Apr 14th

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