ragley2012 Video

New bouncy bikes debut from Ragley, with mismatched travel across the range plus a big wheeled variant..…

Aug 31st
IMG_1715 News

Sep 1st
IMG_1778 News

...goes all 10speed. But that's not all...…

Aug 30th
maguramartin News

Chipps and Matt bravely stick hands in a hole in the wall, plus Magura's Martin bids you farewell...…

Nov 30th
IMG_4071 Press Launch

...all this, plus the Toolmanator comprehensive mini-pump…

Sep 22nd
IMG_4045 Press Launch

Rigid carbon forks, kangeroo shoes, tyre tread saddles and green stanchions…

Sep 13th
IMG_3974 Press Launch

Cross bikes and cannibals. It's all at Eurobike...…

Sep 8th
scan_4928164747_1 Press Launch

Sep 7th

Valley Boy Ali Clarkson, Dave Watson of Sombrio, Rory from Exposure. And love or hate Primal Wear. …

Sep 7th
IMG_3816 Press Launch

Scott, Pivot, Litespeed, EVOC and more...…

Sep 6th
IMG_3794 Press Launch

Sep 6th
IMG_0216 Video

Matt has a look at some DW Linked Pivots, hits Transition and discovers new Yetis.. …

Sep 3rd
IMG_4028 Press Launch

New frames, flared tubes and a 'pure' version of a classic...…

Sep 3rd
IMG_4100 Press Launch

Hope brakes, hubs and... a cassette? …

Sep 3rd
IMG_0216 Video

More from Matt as he talks to the reincarnated X-Lite then goes to see Diamondback and DMR...…

Sep 3rd
IMG_0216 Video

Fresh from Eurobike, Matt speaks to Brant Richards of Shedfire about new Ragley and Nukeproof kit..…

Sep 3rd
IMG_3766 Press Launch

New Easton wheels, stems and bars. Plus the long sock debate.…

Sep 2nd
IMG_3813 Press Launch

New SC finishes and some very light DH cranks and new BBs from SRAM…

Sep 3rd

The latest crop of electric powered bicycles from Eurobike, but they're not your average hybrid shoppers..…

Sep 3rd
IMG_3729 Press Launch

Aug 31st
Going back to the old skool.. News

...complete with retro paint scheme.…

Aug 26th

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