DSC00250 Trade Show

Here are just a few of the things that caught our eye on the first day of Eurobike.…

Aug 30th
IMG_3028 News

Sep 22nd
IMG_2033 News

Just a few of the cyclocross bikes we saw on our travels...…

Sep 12th
IMG_2397 News

A 'two-by' chain guide and a 29er fork...…

Sep 12th
IMG_2374 News

Tapered, full carbon, 15mm Maxle Lite fork and more...…

Sep 11th
IMG_2191 Trade Show

A quick look at Danny's trials bike, seen at Eurobike.…

Sep 9th
IMG_2000 Trade Show

Stronger braking, own-colour Stan's, pedals, lights and six speed cassettes!…

Sep 8th
eb11-brakeforceone Video

A video chat with the 17 year old inventor of a boosted disc brake that's already amazing testers…

Sep 7th
eb11-dmrreynolds Video

Updated version of the hard riding DMR Bolt steel full susser, plus lightweight carbon wheelsets from Reynolds Composites…

Sep 7th
eb11-bionicon Video

Video of travel and geometry adjustable bike specialists' new coil-sprung bike plus minimalist chain guide…

Sep 7th
eb11-transition Video

Video look at a brace of big wheelers and possibly the best colour for a bike we've seen for a while…

Sep 6th
eb11-cb Video

A video runthrough of the new 2012 Mallet pedal, new wider risers and rather pretty multitool…

Sep 6th
eb11-focus Video

More video, with a runthrough of Focus' £1,600 full susser, the Super Bud 3.0…

Sep 6th
IMG_1904-1 News

Ready for a new headset standard? Giant is...…

Sep 5th
IMG_2353 Trade Show

Chipps reports on the new big wheeler and new plastic bike from Yeti…

Sep 5th
IMG_2139 News

Sep 3rd
eb11-use Video

Sep 1st
eb11-charge Video

Sep 1st
eb11-orange Video

Sep 1st
IMG_1812 News

Sep 1st
IMG_1938 Trade Show

It's a carbon, DW-Link 29er, but not as we know it, Jim...…

Sep 1st

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