Tweedlove: Enduro World Series Day Two Race Report

It’s been a tough but emotional weekend of racing

June 1st, 14 2 3,513 Categories: News

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Tweedlove: Enduro World Series – Jerome Clementz

A quick chat with current Enduro World Series Champion Jerome Clementz as he spectates on Stage Two of Round Two at Tweedlove

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Tweedlove: Enduro World Series Day One Race Video

For your viewing pleasure, here’s our video report from day one of racing at the Enduro World Series at Tweedlove

May 31st, 14 6 6,090 Categories: News


Tweedlove: Enduro World Series Day One Race Report

Day one has been a blue sky and sunshine kind of race day, with stages drying and fast and furious times being put down.

May 31st, 14 4 4,352 Categories: News


Tweedlove: EWS, The Calm Before the Storm

The ticking clock is certainly going to sort the men from the boys over the next two days of racing.

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Tweedlove: Enduro World Series Friday Pit Chat

Friday’s been a rest day for a lot of pro riders and racers. We caught up with a few to get their thoughts on the weekend ahead’s racing

May 30th, 14 0 4,301 Categories: News

Look carefully and you'll find Devinci's new SPRTA

Tweedlove: Spotted on Friday

Here’s a quick update on what’s about on the Green at Tweedlove

May 30th, 14 5 6,403 Categories: News

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Tweedlove: Enduro World Series Thursday Practice

Here’s the first of our video dispatches from the Enduro World Series at Tweedlove

May 29th, 14 2 8,488 Categories: News


Tweedlove: Even legends get it wrong sometimes

A moment from a day with Cedric Gracia: UPDATE! Now with added animation!

May 29th, 14 21 13,518 Categories: News


Tweedlove – Tweedview an EWS Stage Insight

We sent Sam Needham and his camera out on a course preview today

May 27th, 14 3 4,517 Categories: News

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Jerome out for Tweedlove EWS?

It’s looking like Jerome Clementz may not make Round Two of the Enduro World Series at Tweedlove

May 19th, 14 5 2,815 Categories: News

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Enduro World Series Round One – here’s the video

Here’s the official Montenbaik report from Nevados de Chillan.

May 9th, 14 1 6,714 Categories: Fresh Goods, News

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