stakker staaker drone camera gopro

Water Resistant Staaker Drone Rains On GoPro’s Parade

ANOTHER new drone for 2016, but STAKKER says this one is different. So, is this the ultimate drone for mountain bikers?

December 1st, 16 8 3,870 Categories: News

dji Inspire 2

DJI’s New Drone Flies At 108km/h!!

DJI’s latest drones have launched but our eyes are on their new 108km/h Inspire 2!!

November 18th, 16 0 5,136 Categories: News

night riding drone creepy lights

No Need For Bike Lights, Just Use A Drone!

How about a drone with a high powered light that follows you to light the trail? That’s exactly what the Fleetlights Drone is. And it’s creepy.

November 18th, 16 5 5,049 Categories: News, Video

dji mavic pro drone

DJI Mavic Pro, A Tiny New Drone With ‘Big Boy’ Features!

Last week we saw the launch of the folding GoPro Karma drone, but it no longer sits alone in the market.

September 28th, 16 2 5,752 Categories: News

go pro karma drone

GoPro Hero 5 and Karma Drone launched

After months of rumours and speculation, GoPro finally unveiled their latest action cameras plus their very own drone.

September 20th, 16 0 6,041 Categories: News

gopro omni,

GoPro Teases A Drone Launch

while its share price seems to be dropping alarmingly. Will the Karma Drone turn things around?

February 5th, 16 0 10,843 Categories: applenews, News


The Autonomous HEXO+ Drone (VIDEO)

Kickstarting autonomous ‘Follow me!’ drone cam – is a sentence we never thought we’d be typing a year or two back

July 20th, 15 8,529 Categories: applenews, News, Premier Stockist, Video

Control via Android device

The Pocket Drone carries camera, follows phone

Your own personal flying robot

January 10th, 14 23,116 Categories: Industry News, Kit, News, Video


Eurobike 2013: Troy Lee Design’s new A1

It’s a new A1 for the shyer riders out there.

August 31st, 13 17,185 Categories: News, Trade Show

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