Whassat? It's Friday already? Let's have a shufty at the Fresh Goods and get outta here....…

May 9th
Midweek Movies

It's that time of the week to watch some awesome moving picture thingies.…

May 7th

It's been a busy but short week here at ST Towers especially for the delivery drivers…

Apr 25th
Fresh Goods

All that's Fresh in the ST Towers this week…

Apr 11th
Premier Stockist

Here it is: your entry into a world of Premier Prize goodness, plus last week's winners…

Jan 21st

Here we go again at the halfway point towards the weekend. It's Wednesday which must mean Midweek Mini Movies!…

Feb 12th

Whoooa, we're halfway there. Whoooa, it's Midweek Mini Movie time…

Feb 6th

Benji spent a frantic fortnight with this DMR ripper.…

Mar 13th

Jan 3rd
Xmas Stocking Fillers

Dec 3rd

Sep 16th

Updated version of the hard riding DMR Bolt steel full susser, plus lightweight carbon wheelsets from Reynolds Composites…

Sep 7th

Aug 31st

Apr 29th
dmr pumptrack challenge (2) Events

Win prizes for pumping...…

Mar 28th
Fresh Goods

This week we have more insulation, more light bikes, more lights and more more..…

Dec 23rd

A selection of flat pedals tested, just in time for the season of slip sliding in the filth...…

Oct 11th

More from Matt as he talks to the reincarnated X-Lite then goes to see Diamondback and DMR...…

Sep 3rd

More shiny goods from Core. A new transmission company, DMR, Lezyne, Identiti and more.…

Jan 28th

Fresh Goods Friday…

Jan 15th

DMR are recalling all their wingbars due to safety concerns…

Oct 16th

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