Free Knog Lights For CTC Members

This promotion allows all new members of CTC to get a free set of Knog ‘Frog’ lights when they join CTC. You should join the CTC anyway – they’re ace.

July 31st, 09 3,351 Categories: News

Partnership agreement ensures Aston Hill’s future

CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation, Aston Hill Mountain Bike Club and Forestry Commission have joined forces to create a special CTC membership package that provides access to and funding for one of the South East’s best mountain bike trails.

July 13th, 09 7,046 Categories: News

Killer Driver Escapes Prison Because Cyclist Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet

CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation has condemned a judge’s decision to reduce the sentence handed down to a driver because the cyclist he killed wasn’t wearing a helmet.

May 13th, 09 3,105 Categories: News

Aston Hill Chairman Highly Commended at the CTC Awards

The CTC’s Awards and Recruitment Committee gave a Highly Commended Award to Richard Abbott for his contribution to cycling in his region.

May 5th, 09 1,817 Categories: News

CTC’s View On Helmet Compulsion

Helmets have been in the news. Two stories in particular have received wide coverage this week: The case of Smith v Finch and secondly the death of Natasha Richardson who suffered a head injury whilst skiing, apparently without a helmet. Both stories have sparked a heated debate about the usefulness of helmets in preventing head injury and whether they should be made compulsory. This clearly has implications for cyclists. To find out why CTC is against mandatory helmet wearing for cyclists read on…

March 24th, 09 3,284 Categories: News

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