shand cycles london bike show drop bar rohloff belt drive gearbox steel News

Get yourself a mug o' tea, and take a virtual tour of the Shand Cycles booth at the London Bike Show. Warning: gorgeous paint jobs within.…

Feb 23rd 1
gearbox olsen pinion internal carbon custom olsen rockshox rs1 News

Your chance to grab a big discount on a mud proof bike…

Dec 12th 2
cavalarie anakin belt drive enduro gearbox effigear french france poll

Do you foresee a gearbox mountain bike in your future? If so, why? And if not; what's holding you back from giving up your external gears?…

Oct 10th 8
cavalarie anakin belt drive enduro gearbox effigear french france News

With its single-pivot suspension, integrated transmission and belt drive, is the Cavalerie Anakin the cleanest enduro bike yet?…

Sep 9th 5
Olsen Lamb Side Closer News

Made for muck: Stainless, Carbon, Gearboxes, and Belts…

Oct 11th 13
Concept bike News

Sunn is back in the game, and showing off their downhill carbon concept bike at Roc d'Azur.…

Oct 9th
IMG_4923 Press Launch

Oct 5th
IMG_4529 Press Launch

...though not both at the same time. The new DHR, new RFX and split Gates belt…

Sep 21st

Come and roast with us in the desert and check out new stuff plus Peaty's World Championship bike.…

Aug 23rd

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