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Video: The BC Bike Race

If the BC Bike Race isn’t on your bucket list already, do yourself a favour AND PUT IT ON NOW! This looks unreal.

November 29th, 16 1 2,345 Categories: Events, News, Video

bc bike race

BC Bike Race 2016: Day Seven

The seventh and final day of the BC Bike Race 10th Anniversary

July 18th, 16 0 2,431 Categories: Events, News


BC Bike Race 2016: Day Six

Day six, the penultimate day of this year’s British Columbia Bike Race

July 13th, 16 0 2,302 Categories: Events


BC Bike Race 2016: Day Five

Day five of the world’s most beautiful bike race

July 12th, 16 0 3,030 Categories: Events

bc bike race

BC Bike Race 2016: Day One

Stunning pictures and video from this year’s BC Bike Race

July 8th, 16 1 5,086 Categories: Events, News

Tim Wisner came with Shimano and will leave with Shimano.

BC Bike Race – Days 5, 6 and 7

An epic compendium of glorious photography and awesome video from the BC Bike Race, just for you

July 6th, 15 2,337 Categories: Events, News, Video

Jeff Riemer and Jeremy Grasby from the Bike Patrol take a well deserved moment with the BCBR beer sponsor Red Racer.

BC Bike Race: Days 3 & 4 Gallery (VIDEO)

Don’t worry – we wish we were there too

July 2nd, 15 3,746 Categories: Events

Still needing relief from day one's efforts.

BC Bike Race: Days 0, 1 & 2 Gallery

Stunning shots from the Canadian stage race dreams are made of

June 30th, 15 2,514 Categories: Events

David Berkowitz gets the Tippie treatment.

BC Bike Race Day Three Report

All the highlights of day three of the BC Bike Race

July 3rd, 14 3,486 Categories: Events, News


BC Bike Race Day Two Report

It’s one to Sasquatch

July 2nd, 14 4,790 Categories: Events, News

Shouldn't he be in the chip shop?

BC Bike Race Day 1: North Shore

There’s a fair amount of awesome in this day one report

July 1st, 14 4,659 Categories: Events, News


Midweek Mini Movies 165

Hey, hey, it’s the halfway point to a weekend’s worth of freedom. Have a skive, you’re worth it, no?

September 4th, 13 16,169 Categories: Midweek Movies, News

jam 4


Hmm, cold damp winter or ride Jamaica? We know where we’d be headed

March 21st, 13 4,339 Categories: News, Online Feature

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