Fresher than Wil's sweaty sick bed, we've got new kicks, new carbon hoops, and a big ol' cassette in this week's Fresh Goods Friday haul…

Sep 22nd 10
issue 112 knee pad group test Kit

Which knee pad came out on top in our 14-way Pads For Pedalling group test? We investigate the latest knee pads designed for XC, trail and enduro ride…

Jul 27th 4

It's the last day of term edition of Fresh Goods Friday!…

Jul 22nd 4

It's time to get on with the Goods of Freshness! What shiny things have shown up at Singletrack Towers this week?…

Jun 30th 19

The Recon is the lightest knee pad on offer from protection brand, 661. Wil reviews a set as part of our Pads For Pedalling group test from Issue 112…

Apr 24th 0
Singular Swift News

Oh yeah. It's shiny-gear-piping-hot-into-the-office time…

May 19th

The 661 brings out a more affordable EVO helmet and reintroduces the Filter flat and SPD shoes…

Apr 16th

We couldn't fit all the helmets we tested in the big grouptest in issue 104 but we can fit them all here.…

Mar 25th

What's that? A huge pile of the new stuff? Don't mind if I do…

Mar 4th
Kyle Straight Video

2016 Factory Riders announced by 661, and Kyle Straight returns…

Feb 25th

Great looking new gear from One, and secret new 661 protos…

Apr 24th

Jorji put the 661 Evo pad through its paces, heres what she thought…

Jan 11th

Another bumper crop of goodies for your delectation - it's Fresh Goods 207…

Oct 7th
Fresh Goods

This week: more armour than Hastings in 1066, a special big wheeler, solid silver style and much more…

Nov 11th

Dates announced for 2012 series but locations yet to be confirmed - Kielder is out and Lakes might be in…

Oct 14th

Sep 16th

Quick results from a gnarly round at Innerleithen, Chris Ball and Helen Gaskell taking top honours…

Jul 20th

Jun 21st

Jun 14th

Jun 14th

Jun 7th

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