strathpuffer 24 hour race News

There was no snow or rain over the weekend at the Strathpuffer, but riders faced a different challenge on their way around the racecourse.…

Jan 23rd 0
On course for victory. Pic by 'swavis' News

The 2017 Strathpuffer race is on in Scotland, and the weather is, quite surprisingly, not looking horrible.…

Jan 19th 1
SM75426-640x425 News

Pat Adams announces a year's hiatus for this popular 24 hour event. It's back in 2014 though…

Mar 13th
JOD News

Last minute tips, maps and must-dos for this weekend's event…

Aug 1st
Champions&Winners News

Joolze Dymond reports on those bonkers folks who ride and ride... …

Apr 13th

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