Sleepless in the Saddle 2012

Sleepless in the Saddle has always been known as the friendliest 24 hour race in the UK. And starting back in 2000 or so, it’s one of the oldest too. While the big daddy of them all, Mountain Mayhem has the crowds and the pro racers and the big expo area, Sleepless has always been a riders’ event. A lack of big money prizes means that there are fewer pro racers, and those that are there are in it for the 24 hour race scene.

The majority of racers at Sleepless are there for a fun weekend of racing with friends. It takes place on the first weekend of August every year, so is a great time to enjoy that brief appearance of summer fitness, earned from sunny hours in the saddle in June and July. The fields are slightly smaller compared to Mayhem (so better bragging rights) and the race offers pairs categories, which are missing from Mayhem. (Though every solo rider we’ve spoken to has said that doing pairs is harder than racing solo!)

Anyway, the entries are out now, for all categories and available to buy online. We’ll shortly be producing a downloadable entry form that you can print out and send off (or hand deliver) for those racers who aren’t that keen on the online business.

This year’s event welcomes some new sponsors like Clif Shot electrolyte drink, as well as retaining old favourites like Endura, Kenda and Hope, and we’re pleased to say that Singletrack remains as the title sponsor.


    2012 Event – Saturday and Sunday, August 4th and 5th 2012


Just like last year, there will be a commemorative race jersey and a T-shirt available to order and to pick up at the event. We’ll get the designs up as soon as possible – you can order these at any time, not just when you put your entry in, so don’t let that stop you from getting the friends together and imagining those long, sunny evenings of the summer! We’ll see you there!

Enter online now

(Please note that there is a 3% transaction charge on online entries. This is what we are charged by Paypal and we take no part of that charge for ourselves. If you would prefer to avoid the 3% transaction charge you can pay by cheque using the downloadable form below)

If you’d prefer to download and print a paper entry form along with a cheque – or hand deliver it to Patrick Adam’s house – then you can still do that.

Printable PDF entry form.


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  1. What date guys?

  2. Is it as Catton Park again?

  3. How old to qualify as a Vet?

    Born in 1968 so surely can not be veteren yet??????

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