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Issue 82

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First Published: June 2013
Page Count: 132

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Summer is here and so is issue 82. Chipps rides the Croissant of Pain (hint: it’s in Wales). Stat of the Art goes all geographical to inspire this summer’s riding abroad. Old Man Ronson continues his satirical assault on his style choices. Dave still hasn’t shut up about his adventure to Italy’s Lake Garda, (you just get to read about it). Benji cruises the Lickey Hills as this issue’s Classic Ride. With an all-rounders theme, we grouptest tyres for every occasion, and we test a Banshee, an Orange and a Trek for their all-evantuality capabilities. This is the last issue Art Directed by Sim ‘Singletrack’ Mainey so is a bit special. *sniff* Fortunately, we’ve found a very capable pair of hands to take over his fine work (and his crayon collection) so don’t worry, you won’t be seeing Comic Sans making an appearance any time soon. Enjoy!

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