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First Published: May 2012
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After breaking my back on a motorbike covering the 2010 Cape Epic, I have a bit of leverage with the organisers. So much so that they willingly provide a helicopter for all eight days of racing, for me to play the photographic version of Apocalypse Now. Minutes prior to this I had been shooting above the singletrack in the trees, struggling to get a definitive shot of singletrack & riders due to the dense foliage. Then I remembered we were coming up on some open trails – knowledge I had from riding at Oak Valley a while back. So we waited for about two minutes in the air above the track for Christoph Sauser and Burry Stander to come into shot. The shot with just the two of them on the singletrack was good – but when the TV helicopter came into the bottom of the frame I knew it was just going to get better. Hanging out of the helicopter – there are no doors for better shooting – and looking through the viewfinder trying to direct the pilot – up, down, backwards forwards, left right, nose back, spin round etc. – gets a bit tricky compared to just shuffling your GoreTex boots in the mud of a World Cup … but I think you’ll agree the end result is worth it

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