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Kinesis' new Hardcore Hardtail in a very modern style…

Apr 13th 6
It's a looker.. Bikes

Tim K reviews a racy hardtail that's equally happy riding all day…

Feb 8th 11
easton ea70 Long Termers

Could it be the magic at last?…

Apr 30th 21
kinesis decade virsa Long Termers

Accidental singlespeeding in Shropshire.…

Mar 16th 3
Kinesis Decade Virsa Long Termers

It's still a lovely green colour.…

Mar 2nd 11
The Kinesis Decade Virsa in all its jeytastic singlespeed glory. Long Termers

The Kinesis Decade Virsa in all its jeytastic singlespeed glory.…

Feb 1st 5
singular swift singlespeed 29 27.5+ rigid steel mountain bike Bikes

A classic steel 29in mountain bike gets reborn with plus-compatibility. But does the Singular Swift live up to lofty expectations? Read on to find out…

Aug 9th 4
DSC01606 Recommended

Bikepacking means making the absolute most out of every opportunity to stick a bag on your bike.…

Dec 23rd 0
Pivot-3 Bikes

The Pivot Les (see what they nearly did there?) is partly here to show that a fixed blade fork can be plugged into any hardtail. Okay, the Les isn’t…

Aug 8th 0

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