XTR brake Brakes

XTR brakes - we take a look at the cream of Shimano's crop…

Jul 31st 0
The XTR Race chainset. Drivetrain

Flagship 2015 Shimano groupset - worth the cash?…

May 7th 7
Grinder84-18 Uncategorized

If you can afford it, then it’ll certainly go the extra mile with and for you.…

Jul 1st 3
intense tracer 2 review singletrack (1) Long Termers

Jon's been riding the Tracer 2 all over the place - six months down the line here's a comprehensive review…

Mar 14th 18
Dave's Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So it's done and I've been so busy riding I forgot to write the update. Here it is...…

Sep 13th 7
P1020087 Long Termers

Doing what it says on the carbon tin…

Jul 26th 8
I say... that's carbon under that-there skinny paint, boy... Long Termers

There does seem to be a fair number of Ibises (Ibii?) in the office at the moment.…

Mar 25th 26

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