robot r160 titanium carbon fibre 3d printed gisburn wil alpinestars tld Bikes

The exotic Robot R160 is custom built in the UK from carbon fibre tubes and titanium lugs. Chipps & Wil see if if the ride lives up to the hype…

Apr 20th 2
stanton sherpa ti titanium hardtail 29 27.5 plus fox kashima rocks Bikes

The Sherpa Ti is the more exotic brother of the Stanton Sherpa 853, and is equipped with a 120mm travel fork and generous 2.4in rubber.…

Dec 7th 0
kona honzo titanium 29in hardtail rockshox pike dropper hardcore trail Bikes

The original Kona Honzo was a radical 29in hardtail built for grin-inducing fun. So how does that translate to titanium? Jason digs deep with the Honz…

Dec 7th 2
j.guillem titanium hardtail grouptest issue 108 exotic rigid 2x11 Bikes

From the engineering prowess behind Van Nicholas comes J. Guillem. If you love exquisite titanium frames, then read this.…

Dec 7th 0
Grinder 85-21 Handlebars

Unashamedly luxurious bars for your hand(le)s…

Jul 1st 1

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