Pocket-sized maintenance awesomeness, poked and prodded, just for you.…

Apr 15th 13

Tom dB's been tweaking his Yeti with new wheels, a single ring setup and new brakes...…

Jul 5th 11
Long Termers

Apr 18th 4
Long Termers

Tom's treated himself to a new Yeti as a recovery present. He's been in the parts bin and built it up, so here are his first impressions.…

Dec 21st 12
Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So I’ve been putting in some miles on the Kilauea and they’ve tended to be uphill ones.…

Dec 19th 6

Jon tries to make the Ghost a little bit radder without ruining its mile munching ability...…

Sep 30th 3

Here's Tom2 with some Syncros flavoured finishing kit…

Mar 17th 7

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