KonaKilaeua0411 Long Termers

Apr 18th 4
Dave's Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So it's done and I've been so busy riding I forgot to write the update. Here it is...…

Sep 13th 7
IMG_0517 Recommended

Jonny's verdict on 160mm of golden legged, vulpine air travel for big hitting duties..…

Aug 23rd 19
Riding the Chumba VF2 at Bringewood. Bikes

We test five inches of trail bike bounce from American company Chumba Racing…

Aug 6th 29
heliusAC Long Termers

Mark finally gets his long termer test bike out of the door…

Jul 24th 32
FiveTen Line Kings Clothing

Bright, sticky and high topped flat pedal riding shoes…

Jul 20th 12
It's a looker.. Bikes

Tim K reviews a racy hardtail that's equally happy riding all day…

Feb 8th 11
Kona Kilauea coming together Long Termers

Just a quick update as I slowly gather parts for the build.…

Jun 30th 13
ortliebpack Luggage

It’s a seat pack that’s waterproof, it holds two tubes, a multitool, a puncture repair kit and some coins...…

Jun 18th 7
Saracen Stop Bikes

A bargain jumpy bike perfect for pump track fun, getting sweet air or nipping around town on.…

Jun 10th 11

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