OWN FR01 shoes Shoes

Only What's Necessary aimed to change the way we think about riding shoes, but did they succeed?…

Jan 27th 4
SM_SpecializedShoes Shoes

2FO shoes - they look great; how do they ride?…

Dec 30th 0
shoes Shoes

Shoe choice is very personal. A good shoe is a comfortable, durable friend that is strangely invisible. Bad shoes are miserable and can turn the best …

Oct 6th 0
SM_M163-8285 Shoes

Are these the best shoes Shimano have ever made? …

Sep 17th 1
GIRO shoes Shoes

Enduro slippers for your feet from Giro. Here's what we thought of them.…

Aug 20th 2
Bontrager shoes Shoes

Richard is searching for a shoe that's as good pedalling up as it is going down. Is this the shoe he's been looking for?…

Aug 16th 1
Lake MX237 1 Shoes

An XC racing focussed shoe, but how does it measure up for everyday use?…

Oct 1st 0
Pearl Izumi shoes Shoes

These shoes were made for biking! And - er - walking?…

Oct 31st 0
Still looking good Clothing

One shoe to rule them all?…

May 15th 1
Mavic yellow peril shoes Clothing

All-day pedalling comfort with that secure, adjustability of the ratchet strap. You must like yellow though…

Jul 1st 0
Gaerne G Kobra Side 2 Clothing

Hand-made by a company with over 50 years' cycling shoe experience, Gaerne's G.Kobra is an unabashedly high-end, unabashedly racy, unabashedly Italian…

Mar 27th 0
mavic shoes Clothing

Excellent all-mountain bike shoes offering grip off the bike and a decent pedalling platform on it. …

Jul 1st 0
Privateer stands alone Clothing

Value shoe outshines pricier options…

Dec 4th 0
DHB_M1_0 Recommended

Bargain footwear from DHB.…

Jul 1st 0
After - side by side Clothing

Costly but gorgeous race shoes from Gaerne.…

Apr 18th 0
Bontrager RXL MTB Shoes Clothing

Jul 1st 3
Five Ten Spitfire Mid Freeride shoes Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Keen Springwater spd shoe (4) Clothing

Jon's view on the brand's first closed toe cycling shoe…

Apr 27th 2

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