santa cruz hightower longterm test bike barney marsh 29 27.5 plus cane creek hope joystick carbon alpkit Bikes

Barney has been making some changes to his Santa Cruz Hightower test bike. Were they changes for the better? Here's his final longterm review.…

Nov 24th 9
santa cruz hightower 29 27.5 plus dual suspension mountain bike carbon rockshox Bikes

The Santa Cruz Hightower introduces 27.5+ compatibility into the long-travel 29er full suspension platform. And Barney digs it a lot.…

Aug 11th 1
DSC_0358 Bikes

In the first of his Long Termer reviews, Barney takes the Hightower through some Northern glop…

Mar 21st 6
98_biketest10 Bikes

Superlight super bike with all the bells and whistles (and price tag to match)…

Jul 1st 0
IMG_0358 Bikes

Descent mapping, skill enhancing: here are our thoughts on the Santa Cruz enduro trail slaya…

Jul 1st 4
DSC04782 Bikes

Chipps' initial thoughts on the Santa Cruz Tallboy C…

Jul 1st 1
6mohighball-b Long Termers

Dave has spent six months aboard his carbon big wheeler - it may be called a 'race weapon' but what's it like every day?…

Mar 22nd 2
Highball Long Termers

Sep 20th 7
"That Captain is Illogical" Long Termers

2011 and spring and ting ..…

Jun 7th 14
blurt Long Termers

It's finished. What does it weight in at..?…

Feb 22nd 16
santacruzchameleon-600x398 Bikes

Totting up here at Singletrack we reckon this is the fourth incarnation of the Santa Cruz Chamelon. Unlike its users, the Chameleon hasn’t changed a…

Jul 25th 7
santacruzeasyrider-600x571 Bikes

This bike ticks all the boxes to qualify for a place in Singletrack’s "Bike Pron" feature: Would it draw a crowd if it were leant up against the foo…

Jul 25th 19

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