pivot-1 Bikes

Just because it’s not Belgian, don’t discount the Pivot. It’s a cyclocross bike for the new breed.…

Jul 1st 0
Pivot-3 Bikes

The Pivot Les (see what they nearly did there?) is partly here to show that a fixed blade fork can be plugged into any hardtail. Okay, the Les isn’t…

Aug 8th 0
Driveside profile pic Long Termers

The final verdict. Looking for adventure.…

Jun 30th 12
198964691 Long Termers

Trying to sort the lengths.…

Nov 29th 11
pivot mach 4 side view Long Termers

First impressions from the first ride…

Nov 16th 8
Less than 1mm away from being rideable. Long Termers

Guess what? Headset issues delay build.…

Nov 2nd 12
pivot mach 4 dw link Long Termers

What are his intentions with this 100mm DW Link full bouncer?…

Nov 2nd 7

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