2017 Intense Tracer Factory review Bikes

James Love has been testing an early Intense Tracer sample for the last few months and here's his in-depth first test…

Feb 7th 0
intense recluse carbon 27.5 enduro trail wil Bikes

Intense Cycles wants you to #getlooseonarecluse. So over the past six months, we've been doing exactly that.…

Feb 4th 0
Intense Spider 275C carbon 27.5 fox suspension kashima reverb Bikes

Just how capable is a 130mm carbon trail bike? Crayons took the Intense Spider 275C Factory out for a play to see if the Spider bites back…

Oct 18th 4
DSC_1193 Bikes

Intense's brand new Primer 29in trail slayer, given the full review treatment…

Aug 2nd 1
The Intense ACV Pro 27.5+ Bikes

We've had one of Intense's new monster truck bikes in on test for a while…

Jul 8th 4
IMG_6458 Bikes

Amid the flurry of carbon this and that launched this year, the Intense Tracer 275 Alloy almost snuck past unnoticed. How does it measure up?…

Jul 1st 1

What bike for the Tweedlove Enduro World Series? Dan chose the Tracer Carbon, here's why…

Jul 8th 1
intense tracer 2 review singletrack (1) Long Termers

Jon's been riding the Tracer 2 all over the place - six months down the line here's a comprehensive review…

Mar 14th 18

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