Ibis Ripley LS Long Termers

Rob runs us through a first look of his shiny new long term test bike, the Ibis Ripley LS…

Jan 9th 5
w7 Bikes

Our man on the other side of the planet got himself a two week ride on the new IBIS Mojo 3…

Feb 23rd 0
SM_Ibis-01956 Wheels

Ibis is proudly surfing the fine line between ‘more’ and ‘too much’ with this monster 41mm wide (external) rim. …

Jul 25th 3
P1030454 Long Termers

Ed's last report on his cross country Tranny build...…

Nov 19th 14
P1030253 Bikes

Ed tranforms the Tranny yet again. This time it's a 30spd superlightweight racer build...…

Sep 13th 24
ibis tranny Long Termers

The continuing adventures of 1x9…

Apr 29th 3
P1010214 Long Termers

Ed's taking it all 1x9 maan.…

Mar 18th 14
P1000435 Long Termers

aka "Tranny Travels - Episode One"…

Jan 27th 11
What Ed did. Recommended

Ed stole Chipps' Ibis Mojo and never gave it back. Here's what he made of it.…

Oct 21st 18

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