howies Women's Specific

Lara Dunn tests out some Howies women specific shorts…

Jul 7th 1
IMG_3037 Women's Specific

A packable Howies jacket - is Hannah under the moon of love with the Shewaddywaddy? …

Jun 8th 1
Howies Lull Jacket Clothing

A fleecey-lined windproof jacket from Howies. How does it measure up?…

Jun 7th 0
Baggies84-11 Clothing

Beautifully cut short in a high performance fabric.…

Jul 1st 0
Grinder84-12 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
howiesvailmerino-424x600 Clothing

Some things are obviously good value for money. Some things need a little more contemplation before their value becomes clear. The Howies Vail T is a …

Jul 25th 6
picture-1 Clothing

A dozen UK-esque waterproof jackets tested.…

Jul 25th 3

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