Hope Recommended

Light and powerful in one package?…

Dec 30th 1
SM_HopeLight Recommended

The R8 light is Hope’s flagship light model, which it claims “turns night into day”; a bold call…

Sep 10th 0
imgp9316 Drivetrain

Greg reviews Hope's new, long-awaited crankset - was it worth it?…

Jul 27th 10
None more mud. Recommended

Bling flat pedals, made in and for the UK - how do they fare?…

May 13th 2
Hope T rex2 Uncategorized

An easy way to grab a bit of the one-by zeitgeist, but does it do the trick?…

Jul 1st 4
P1020542 Lights

A cleverly designed, well-made bit of kit. The single LED packs a mighty punch, in a compact, light housing.…

Jul 1st 0
Night lights-12 Recommended

Not the brightest of the bright but well made, sturdy and more than adequate…

Jul 1st 0
Grinder 85-14 Lights

Invaluable for committed year-round riders who have no friends or always ride at the back…

Jul 1st 0
_SM32075 Lights

Dec 6th 13
hopestepdownheadset-398x600 Recommended

Those of us with fat head tubes have traditionally only had two choices when it came to 1.5-into-1 1/8th headsets: cheap and nasty ball-bearing ones t…

Sep 10th 4

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