P1020513 Lights

Small, compact and self-contained. A no nonsense choice, that throws more than enough light to tackle the techiest of trails.…

Jul 1st 3
P1020534 Lights

The X2 gives the kind of programmability that you only used to get with super expensive German lights. While it’s not quite up to German levels of f…

Jul 1st 0
P1020542 Lights

A cleverly designed, well-made bit of kit. The single LED packs a mighty punch, in a compact, light housing.…

Jul 1st 0
P1020561 Lights

A superbly well-made product. Easy to use and programme, and efficient in operation. A fair amount of cash for a backup or second light, but if runnin…

Jul 1st 0
P1020545 Lights

It’s a well-made tiny, multi-purpose light. To increase the number of helmets it would fit, providing a strap would have been great.…

Dec 5th 2

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