Gore One GTX Pro jacket Clothing

£350 is a lot of money, so Tom investigates to find out whether you should spend it on the Gore One GTX waterproof cycling jacket. …

Jan 16th 0
gore waterproof trousers singletrack magazine Women's Specific

Hannah tests out some pants designed to keep your knickers dry.…

Mar 30th 0
Sanny shorts (1) Clothing

Versatile shorts for unpredictable UK weather?…

Jan 7th 0
SM_GoreBibs Women's Specific

Winter bib tights for women - with extra wee-stop functionality…

Oct 12th 0
SM_GoreJacket Women's Specific

Unseasonal weather calls for unseasonal kit – ultra-warm softshell from Gore Bike Wear might be coming out early this year…

Jul 27th 0

Spendy shorts for all-round riding - do they cut the mustard?…

May 7th 1
Gore Fusion Cosmo Clothing

It's very bright - but does it shine?…

Mar 10th 2
Jackets-5 copy Clothing

Richard put Gore's Power GT AS jacket to the test…

Jul 1st 0
IMG_9579 Clothing

A jacket for the riding in lycra crew…

Jul 1st 0
Gore shorts Clothing

Are these shorts a worthy addition to Gore's (o)range?…

Oct 31st 0
Gore-gloves Clothing

A well-fitting and much-warmer-than-it-looks glove.…

Apr 30th 0
jacket1 Recommended

A good technical jacket will make more difference to your winter riding comfort than almost any other bit of kit …

Jul 1st 1
Baggies84-9 Recommended

Jul 1st 0
_SM73330 Women's Specific

Possibly the quintessential zip-off softshell, from masters of Windstopper, Gore Bike Wear.…

Jul 1st 8
_SM73321 Clothing

A softshell with a hood (and an unfeasibly long name). Rejoice! For it is warm and cosy...…

Jul 1st 0

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