January 4, 2011

A cunning silicone putty that's useful for fixing and fiddling with all kinds of things

Comes in 5g sachets

Price: £11 for twelve multi-coloured 5g sachets, £6 for six of a single colour

From: Sugru

There are some things we get to test that sit around for ages before you suddenly find out that they’re incredibly useful, if not indispensable. Sugru is one of those things. It’s a self adhesive silicon putty that cures from a soft and mouldable putty-like paste to a firm, waterproof and heat resistant rubber finish in the air. It comes in little 5g foil sachets and in black, orange, blue and green colours. You can either buy a pack containing four of each colour or a pack with six sachets of the same colour.

Not strictly useful but pleasant to play with...

The Sugru website is full of clever, arts and crafts style suggestions for ways to use this wonder material but if I’m honest, I really struggled to find a ‘bikey’ application for it, so the packet sat inside my desk, unloved and unused. That says more about my lack of imagination than anything else, as when I returned to my parents house to find my mother bemoaning a broken cheese grater the first thing that popped into my mind was Sugru. After a bit of rolling, fiddling and sticking, I’d stuck the handle back on with a bare minimum of bulging out bits of Sugru. To be honest I didn’t expect it to last and as I left it to cure on the window ledge I promptly forgot about it.

Cheese grater: FIXED

When I returned and found that the the grater was in full working order, having survived ordeal by dishwasher and cheddar for a good few months. I instantly got quite keen on my Sugru again, dug it out and went to find more things to fix with it. In a quietly useful revolution it’s been passed amongst family members and friend who’ve all found cunning little applications for it. It’ll stick to metal, plastic, ceramics; in fact, pretty much anything, although it failed to stick to Tom’s car dashboard.  It’s well worth keeping around as a ‘just-in-case’ fix regardless and will be entertaining to play with if you’re a creative type. A 5g sachet goes surprisingly far and it’s cheap enough that an unsuccessful fix or failed experiment isn’t the end of the world.

Overall: A cunning and highly useful product for fixing, making and improving stuff you already have. The potential is only limited by what you can think of doing with it.

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