Skullcandy Holua Earphones

September 9, 2009

Ear thumping sounds


Skullcandy Holua Earphones
: £79.99

According to Skullcandy’s website, “If headphones had been used a thousand years ago they would have been wood”, and their Holua earphones are indeed made of wood. Whether that makes a difference or not to the sound quality I have no idea but they do sound very good, particularly in the bass. The cable is tough and reinforced with a plastic sleeve and they come in a wooden storage box with three sizes of bud, too.

The guarantee is particularly noteworthy and features a lifetime warranty on parts failure, plus a 50% “Aggressive Listening” rebate on a new set if you bust them whilst out on the trails. They even specify ‘beating your boyfriend unmercifully…’ with them as a legitimate reason for breakage, not that we’d recommend that as a course of action…

Overall: A unique pair of earphones that are heavy on the bass.

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