Seal Line Urban Backpack (small)

February 24, 2014

The sensible commuter’s future backpack: waterproof, comfortable, durable, light.

Seal Line
Seal Line Urban Backpack (small)
Cascade Designs,
by Jamie for Seven months

sealine pack-1

The ‘Urban’ is a commuter-friendly, 17 litre waterproof roll-top style backpack. There’s also a large, 37 litre version. The green colour is one of three other striking options and for stealth-lovers, a grey version is made just for you.

The ‘Made in the USA’ promotion feels slightly tarnished by the tag that reads ‘Harness made in China’. The bag’s cleverly moulded, bonded and stitched body fabric is extremely durable, though and the PVC-free mixture of PU-coated polyester and scrim-reinforced urethane has exhibited zero cracking or weakness in extended use.

The bag’s internal layout is particularly simple. Take ‘simple’ to mean sparse, as there are no internal pockets or compartments. Importantly, this storage is all usable due to the uncluttered, tube-like design. Modular accessories (pockets, mobile/computer case, internal organiser etc.) are available for added functionality. The rubber-sheathed, metal clip-style closer fastens with complete security.

The padded back is aerated and adequately broad, with a comfortable fit. Whether running for the train or on the bike, the bag stays secure. Some might take issue with the nature of the high roll-top closure that adds a blind spot to your rear vision on the bike.

Based on the maker’s claims that it can withstand ‘quick submersions’ and will ‘float if dropped in water’ it would have been rude not to dip it in the canal for kicks. Happily no swimming was required thanks to our very changeable test conditions. Both claims were upheld: it’s a floater!

Overall: Goodbye soggy spare socks and faulty laptop. The sensible commuter’s future backpack: waterproof, comfortable, durable, light.

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