SDG Falcon Cro-Mo saddle

January 12, 2015

An all round saddle, but does it do it all?

Falcon Cro-Mo saddle
by Dan for Two months.

SDG Falcon
SDG has been in the saddle game for a long time now. Each year its range expands and has a makeover with new designs and technologies. The Falcon saddle has been specifically designed as a real all-round saddle, aimed at everyone except downhill riders. Built with lightweight LPU foam padding, the Falcon provides comfort while just riding along and has a few nifty features to aid with climbing too, like the added nose platform which aids balance when seated. The soft microfibre coating and the dual panels prevent any serious rubbing. There is a range of colours to choose from, all of which look great in my opinion and don’t hurt the eyes.

After a few angle adjustments during the first ride, I was really impressed and happy with the Falcon’s overall comfort and feel. The true test for the saddle really would be on a longer ride. A lovely 45km sounded just about right to test the saddle’s versatility and all-round comfort. Over the course of the ride, spent mainly sat down, I was really happy, with no issues or discomfort. Another point in the Falcon’s favour is that though it got muddy and wet – which in some cases would make a saddle really slippery – it stayed nice and grippy, preventing any unexpected slides off. My only slight complaint would be the 253g weight but hey, that’s what the Ti-railed version is for.

Overall: For me a fantastic and versatile saddle that can provide comfort for many disciplines of cycling. Not too pricey and you can pick from a few colours to match your bike.

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