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March 6, 2014

A light weight, robust mudguard that does its job. Its as simple as peas.

Rock Guardz
Mudguardz Long
by Dan for 3 Months

Another review from ‘Office Padowan’ Dan…

Over the past few months a mudguard has been essential; lack of sun and constant rain can make it rather hard to go out for a nice gentle ride, without getting a good covering of grime due to the newly formed streams our most loved trails have become. Due to the boggy nightmare winter rides had become, I was fairly excited to fit a mudguard. Rockguardz provided the best option for my Rockshox Boxxer in my eyes; a light weight, easy to fit well designed mudguard.

Measuring 570mm front to back, the guard provides maximum protection from most mud/puddle splash, also providing good cover for your fork stantions and seals. You may be thinking due to its large size this would translate into  weighty bit of kit, but due to its carbon fibre body it weighs in at a staggering 150g. The long version mudguard is best suited for Rockshox Boxxers or Fox 40’s.

So how did it fare?

Well after spending an easy five minutes fitting the guard, it was time to take it out on the trails/mud trenches. After the first few 100 metres I was already surprised by how much mud the guard was catching, so first impressions were good. The mudguard was doing exactly what its designed to do. After the mud test I thought I should take it onto a rocky dry track and see if the guard made any annoying rattling noises. The track in question was a fast rocky descent to really give the guard a rough test, even on a track without mud the small rocks and dust were kept at a minimum and to top it off no noise, so a mudguard that you don’t have to take on and off for different terrain.

The only downfall for me are aesthetics; it’s not particularly pretty, but then neither are most mudguards. I also can’t help thinking it would look better with a proper clamping system instead of a few zipties, however that’s nit picking, seeing as the zip ties are light and functional.

Overall: The Rockguardz Mudguard is awesome; a light weight, robust mudguard that does its job. It’s as simple as peas.

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