Review: Thomson Elite Covert Dropper Post

July 21, 2017

thomson elite covert dropper post issue 109

Is the Thomson Elite Covert dropper post worth the pennies? Chipps has been testing one to find out - full review within

Elite Covert Dropper Post
by Chipps Chippendale for 6 months

In Issue #109 of Singletrack Magazine, we put 10 different height-adjustable seatposts through the grinder as part of our Dropper Post Group Test.

Thomson rightly has a reputation for precision machined components and the Elite post really reinforces that. Available in 125 or 150mm travel options, and in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, the post has a very clean, sharp look to it. The name ‘Covert’ implies that it’s been redesigned from the original to work with seat tube ‘stealth’ routing. This has added a red anodised cap at the base of the post that holds the cable outer and the regular gear inner wire head to actuate the post. Top marks to Thomson for using a bare cable nipple at the post end as it makes installation pretty simple.

thomson elite covert dropper post issue 109
You can have the Elite Covert dropper post in 125 or 150mm travel options, and in 30.9 or 31.6mm diameters.

The cable outer casing is compressionless spiral-wound brake cable outer, which is far more flexible than gear outer and helps the cable make some of the sharper bends (like into the seat tube base) that are needed with some internal dropper routing. Anyone who’s had a Thomson rigid post will be familiar with the secure saddle mounting of the twin bolt head. Like most of the other posts on test, there’s barely any layback (5mm), so your seat tube is effectively a degree steeper if coming from a layback rigid post. Weight is a ballpark 567g with lever. Movement of the post depends on a nitrogen-charged cartridge, which isn’t user serviceable, but it is replaceable and along with all the internals, is covered by a two-year warranty, with some speedy customer service.

thomson elite covert dropper post issue 109
The compact alloy remote offers compatibility whether you run a front shifter or not.

At the lever end, the simple push-down thumb lever fits in well, even with a front shifter and it has lost the ‘kneecap slicing’ sharp edges of the original non-stealth post. The lever action is smooth and straightforward – press hard for quick drops and raises, press a little for a slower action.

thomson elite covert dropper post issue 109
The Elite Covert dropper is smooth in action, and slop-free too.

There’s a little more lever resistance than say the Fox, but the lever action is very easy to get used to and saddle drops are unconsciously achieved very quickly. The post shows absolutely no sign of side-to-side movement, which will please the precise. It also doesn’t extend when lifting the bike by a dropped saddle.

thomson elite covert dropper post issue 109
The all-alloy construction is classy. It don’t come cheap though.


The Elite is a solid, beautifully made post with a very controllable smooth action. One-by riders might like a different lever, but there’s little here that needs improving.

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