Race Face Atlas FR 1/2″ Riser Bar

October 7, 2009

They felt like an friend from the start.

Race Face Atlas FR 1/2″ Riser
Price: £64.95
From: Silverfish UK www.silverfish-uk.com
Tested: 2 months (including about 16 hours of abuse in the Alps)

I wouldn’t normally review something so quickly but I thought I would this time with the Race Face Atlas FR bars.

I have to be honest in the past I’ve never got on with Race Face bars, there’s nothing wrong with them as such, they’re just not a sweep or rise that I liked. However the Atlas Bars I love. Massively wide (785 mm) but beautifully low rise. They felt like old friends from the start. I think I may well keep them at the width as well (I had decided 745mm WAS my size but now I’m not so sure). It’s a sign of a nice product that when you put it on a bike and something as important as cockpit as well it feels right from the off.

Also available in green, blue, red, orange, purple, gold and black.

Overall: Super nice bars, nice classic sweep up-to-date sizing. Try some.

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