Mondraker Factor RR

March 29, 2011

Our verdict on a flighty Spanish 120mm bike from Issue 64, now with video

The Mondraker Factor RR; a lightning fast 120mm bike that needs a focused pilot when the going gets rough

Price: £2,199

From: Silverfish

Weight: 28.4lbs

Persona: Steve McQueen

Mondraker bikes aren’t a common sight in the UK, which is usually all the more reason to give this Spanish firm a try. Despite many riders being unfamiliar with the brand, the silhouette is pretty familiar (and they may also have heard of riders like Fabien Barel, who rides one…)

The Detail.

The Factor RR is the ‘trail’ bike in the Mondraker range and has been completely revamped for 2011.
This bike we have here has a new suspension layout, a tapered headtube (and fork) and bulged and curved tubes. Oh, and did we mention that smart paintjob? Then we should – navy blue with white and maroon pinstripes. Very classy; like a ‘70s motorbike racer’s race leathers.

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