Polaris Epic XC Gloves

September 6, 2010

Gloves made for almost all year round - but are they any good? Jon gives his verdict..

Through the Grinder?

Price: £24.99

From: Polaris Apparel

Time Tested: 3 months

Gloves, if they’re any good, are something you don’t notice when you’re out riding. I’m happy to say that these Epic XC gloves from Polaris are perfectly unnoticeable in action. They use an elasticated neoprene cuff that isn’t a faff to pull on and off and fits snugly but not uncomfortably. The palms are doubled up in high wear areas but they don’t bunch up and there’s still plenty of feel through to the bars. The backing is a nicely durable synthetic fabric that, although it won’t stop the sharpest of thorns from getting through, does a good job of fending off brambles and the like. They do a good job of managing temperature and the inter-finger mesh bits get enough air flowing through to be comfortable on hot days without being too drafty on chiller days – not too hot, not too cold, just right for 95% of British riding really. The terry covered thumbs pieces are just the trick for dribbly noses or sweaty brows and they’ve survived the usual riding/car boot rotting/washing machine life cycle rough and tumble without falling apart and show no signs of doing so yet – the reinforced leather thumb/index finger junction is a good example of smart design. These red examples aren’t as garish as some but they aren’t boring black (although that is available) either. Again, just right.

Overall: They fit like a glove, they’re comfy and look nice too – the Epic XCs  are a great choice for all but the extremes of riding and weather conditions.

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