straitlinestem Bits

There’s something to be perversely admired about a company that kicks convention in the teeth and smiles doing it, and Canadian company Straitline h…

Jul 25th 18
islabikesrothan-357x600 Recommended

When you find that nearly everyone you meet is doing a double-take at your new purchase you know it’s either because you’ve bought something quite…

Sep 10th 17
santacruzeasyrider-600x571 Bikes

This bike ticks all the boxes to qualify for a place in Singletrack’s "Bike Pron" feature: Would it draw a crowd if it were leant up against the foo…

Jul 25th 19
identitiseatclamp-284x300 Recommended

Are you a saddle dropper? If not, why not? The usual reply is “I can’t ride with my saddle down”. This confuses me greatly. What advantage to bi…

Sep 10th 14
canecreekdoublebarrel-600x398 Other Stuff

This shock comes out of a collaboration between Cane Creek and Ohlins Racing, the Swedish suspension gurus who have cut their teeth on the likes of Su…

Jul 25th 17
hopestepdownheadset-398x600 Recommended

Those of us with fat head tubes have traditionally only had two choices when it came to 1.5-into-1 1/8th headsets: cheap and nasty ball-bearing ones t…

Sep 10th 4
singularswift-600x449 Bikes

Yes, it’s another 29in wheel bike. But for a change, it wasn’t sent from a manufacturer eager to get themselves into this subset of a niche before…

Jul 25th 4
shedshackle Security

The Shed Shackle is a security device that you fit to your shed, providing a fixed er, shackle to lock your bike to. It’s not going to stop anyone b…

Jul 25th 4
661veggiepads Protection

For SPD users the journey into flat pedal riding can be a perilous one. Sure, you’re going to improve your technique and learn to bunnyhop properly,…

Aug 5th 13
alpkitfatairic Recommended

My body is definitely getting old. If it’s not, then I’m getting a lot weaker. There was a time when I’d sleep straight on the ground or with a …

Sep 10th 4
shimanom300shoes Clothing

These are Shimano’s top of the range, none-higher, all-singing and quite a bit of dancing, race shoes.…

Jul 25th 5
deuterbagtdb-537x600 Bits

Deuter's 10 litre capacity "short blast" stylee handbag.…

Jul 25th 0
3308359585_7da5ac12fd Bikes

Steve Makin reviews a big lad's bike with shonky brakes, skinny tyres, dodgy bars, a very racy saddle and no gears. Possibly the most fun bike he's r…

Jul 25th 12
lizardskinsglove Clothing

Jul 25th 0
p1060541 Other Stuff

Jul 25th 0
p1060542 Other Stuff

Jul 25th 1
seal-skinz Clothing

Jul 25th 4
img_0334-600x450 Other Stuff

Jul 25th 0
picture-151-232x300 Bits

Benji and the team look at a stingy bakers’ dozen of the latest cranks.…

Jul 25th 4
picture-131-600x334 Bikes

Jul 27th 0
picture-1 Clothing

A dozen UK-esque waterproof jackets tested.…

Jul 25th 3
picture-123 Bikes

Jul 25th 4
picture-15 Bits

Benji and his crack squad of sad rubber sniffing tyre obsessives try to convince you of the myriad splendours of a bunch of funny looking fat tyres wi…

Jul 25th 2
picture-14-600x348 Bikes

Jul 25th 0
picture-31 Clothing

We’ve rounded up an even ten boots – from rugged summer numbers to depth of winter monsters and given them a thrashing.…

Jul 25th 3
picture-21 Bikes

Fully rigid steel singlespeeds, eh? Nice looking and everything but a complete nightmare to write a review about. Well, a review that isn’t full of …

Feb 18th 0

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