_1090920 Clothing

Apr 4th 8
_1090810 Long Termers

Mar 3rd 20
Ghost AMR Lector 7700 Bikes

Jon tweaks the carbon machine with a custom tuned Fox shock. Will it be harder, better, faster, stronger?…

Feb 24th 12
The Airace Speed F2 Tools

Work experience Ben's take on a cunningly featured pump…

Feb 11th 6
DSC_6596 Long Termers

It's been hammered a bit now.…

Feb 9th 12
TP-LR-ByIrmoKeizer-15 Long Termers

May 27th 11
_SIM7342 Recommended

Matt tests a different kind of softshell jacket that's friendly to user as well as the environment…

Jan 26th 4
Suffering to make you strong in comfort... Training

Tim K has been testing out this high end fluid turbo trainer to keep you strong when it's grim outside…

Jan 12th 4
Suited for action... Protection

Benji tests a suit of upper body armour that aims to protect without being prohibitive…

Jan 11th 5
Pretty and functional... Women's Specific

Jenny tests a female specific riding jacket and some lightweight gloves…

Jan 10th 2
Comes in 5g sachets Other Stuff

A cunning silicone putty that's useful for fixing and fiddling with all kinds of things…

Jan 4th 16
Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Long Termers

Tom's treated himself to a new Yeti as a recovery present. He's been in the parts bin and built it up, so here are his first impressions.…

Dec 21st 12
Kona Kilauea Long Termers

So I’ve been putting in some miles on the Kilauea and they’ve tended to be uphill ones.…

Dec 19th 6
_1090329 Long Termers

Five, very much alive.…

Dec 21st 14
Marzocchi Corsa SL. Long Termers

New fork, new feel.…

Dec 9th 13
IMG_6669 Bikes

Jon gets fettling and puts bigger forks on the carbon fibre trail bike to see if it makes it or breaks it...…

Dec 3rd 4
e13 FreeChucker -  a chain device with minimal moving parts... Other Stuff

Ed Oxley's verdict on a single ring chain device that needs no maintenance…

Dec 3rd 8
198964691 Long Termers

Trying to sort the lengths.…

Nov 29th 11
P1030454 Long Termers

Ed's last report on his cross country Tranny build...…

Nov 19th 14
pivot mach 4 side view Long Termers

First impressions from the first ride…

Nov 16th 8
_1090289 Long Termers

A few rides in, a few more thoughts…

Nov 7th 39
A long sleeved jersey best suited to cold and clear days... Clothing

As winter draws closer, Jon reviews a long sleeved and warm jersey from Polaris...…

Nov 4th 0
Less than 1mm away from being rideable. Long Termers

Guess what? Headset issues delay build.…

Nov 2nd 12
_SIM6765 Long Termers

Sim puts his money where his mouth is…

Oct 27th 34
blurt Long Termers

What's the scores on the doors?…

Oct 25th 11
pivot mach 4 dw link Long Termers

What are his intentions with this 100mm DW Link full bouncer?…

Nov 2nd 7
Point One Racing Podium Flats Pedals

A selection of flat pedals tested, just in time for the season of slip sliding in the filth...…

Oct 11th 37
IMG_1089 Bikes

Jon tries to make the Ghost a little bit radder without ruining its mile munching ability...…

Sep 30th 3
Now in Alpine ready mode? Long Termers

Sep 27th 28
The elastomeric runners up close.. Drivetrain

Jon's thoughts on a lightweight chaindevice for single ringers...…

Sep 23rd 20

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