retyui Bikes

You don't need a fatbike, but you may just end up needing this one…

Jul 1st 4
Issue81_h_Page_119_Image_0002 Bikes

In the UK you buy Canyon bikes via mail order. Whether you agree with the concept of direct sales bikes or not, they aren’t going to go away. There'…

May 24th 2
DSC_1491 Bikes

The Gyro is a bike you simply want to ride all the time.…

May 14th 1
DSC_1455 Bikes

The Mega is set to be a real cult favourite. The privateer's choice.…

May 14th 1
DSC_1486 Bikes

A proper full-bore full-suspension bike, with a healthy amount of travel…

May 14th 0
_SM73270 Bikes

The Day One Disc is as simple as a ‘cross bike gets…

Jul 1st 1
_SM73698 Bikes

Despite mountain bikes coming with disc brakes as a matter of course for a decade, at the elite level of the cyclocross world they're still on cantile…

Jul 1st 2
Felt F55X Bikes

As with all bikes, the laws of diminishing returns apply to 'cross bikes too.…

Jul 1st 0
A posing helmet, yesterday. Excellent lawn action too. Protection

Functional XC lid with a retention system that happens to work uncommonly well for those riders with ponytails or mullets...…

Jul 1st 0
IMG_9955 Clothing

A rather special jersey-with-extras.…

Jul 1st 0
Dinky pack, universal unit of scale for, er, scale. Weeds patio's own Luggage

Purpose-built biking hydration packs are all well and good but if it's minimalism you're after, look to the fell runners for inspiration…

Jul 1st 0
IMG_9950 Clothing

T-shirt rides rock. Here's a nice top to do them in.…

Jul 1st 0
DHB_M1_0 Recommended

Bargain footwear from DHB.…

Jul 1st 0
Giant Trance X 29er 1 Long Termers

Sanny introduces his new longtermer; it's future is epic(s)…

Jul 1st 0
Parking it Bikes

The Vee-1 is a bit master-of-none out of the box. But raid your parts bin and turn it into your new favourite bike.…

Jan 22nd 8
_SM73077 Bikes

Stainless steel - not just for knives and forks. Pipedream's latest take on the posh steel frame is really quite lovely...…

Jan 22nd 6
_SM73330 Women's Specific

Possibly the quintessential zip-off softshell, from masters of Windstopper, Gore Bike Wear.…

Jul 1st 8
_SM73361 Clothing

Hooded demi-casual, semi-tech softshell from Sombrio.…

Apr 18th 0
_SM73321 Clothing

A softshell with a hood (and an unfeasibly long name). Rejoice! For it is warm and cosy...…

Jul 1st 0
After - side by side Clothing

Costly but gorgeous race shoes from Gaerne.…

Apr 18th 0
Niner WFO 9 review (6) Bikes

Jon takes to the mountains on the long travel big wheeler that was way ahead of its time - but how does it compare to the current crop?…

Nov 3rd 4
photo-3 Recommended

Jul 27th 1
Issue75_Page_116_Image_0002 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Issue75_Page_116_Image_0001 Tyres

Jul 1st 0
Issue75_Page_112_Image_0001 Seatposts

Jul 1st 3
Issue75_Page_112_Image_0002 Saddles

Jul 1st 0
Issue75_Page_114_Image_0001 Tools

Jul 1st 0
image Luggage

Aug 8th 4
Issue75_Page_114_Image_0002 Bits

Jul 1st 5
The North Face Dirt Track jacket Clothing

Jul 1st 1

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