Baggies84-21 Clothing

Dec 30th 0

Sep 11th 0
Pretty in pink.  Or yellow. Computers & GPS

Sep 12th 0
Juuuust missing the glasses. Protection

A helmet with a number of truly interesting and compelling features…

Sep 9th 1
Grinder84-12 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Grinder84-16 Protection

A whole other level of helmet?…

Oct 28th 0
83 Grinders-23 Other Stuff

A clean water source for adventures? the good DrJon investigates…

Dec 30th 0
A9R5A83 Bits

Photochromic sunnies for all your riding glasses needs?…

Dec 30th 0
83 Grinders-1 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Islabike-2_sans-child Bikes

Isla added the Beinn 29 to the range because lots of parents who’d bought her age-specific bikes wanted a bike of the same quality for themselves. …

Dec 30th 0
Surly-1 Bikes

Aug 8th 3
A9RFC41 Stems

A stem and bars combo for the PRO look…

Aug 8th 0
Pivot-3 Bikes

The Pivot Les (see what they nearly did there?) is partly here to show that a fixed blade fork can be plugged into any hardtail. Okay, the Les isn’t…

Aug 8th 0
Grinder-30 Forks

A performance rigid fork,? Chipps checks out the carbon and Maxle'd RDO…

Jul 1st 0
A9RFC43 Luggage

UK made gear for Bikepackers and off road tourer's alike…

Jul 1st 0
83 Grinders-3 Clothing

Want the flat look with SPD's? Consider the Teva Pivot…

Jul 1st 0
Untitled-11 Wheels

Can one wheel do everything? Chipps review's Hope's contender…

Jul 1st 1
A9R5A86 Bits

A chain for riders who like to wash n go? …

Jul 1st 0
Untitled-1 Clothing

"Female cyclists are a picky and notoriously fickle bunch to please.", Says Jenn, who has been trying out this Morvelo jersey for the last four months…

Jul 1st 0
Trek's Fuel EX 9.8: it's the right colour and everything. Long Termers

Jenn's long termer of choice this year is Trek's Fuel EX 9.8.…

Aug 8th 0
Pro tection Protection

Knee pads are one of those items that can be really noticeable on a ride; a catch 22 situation where you want protection but also want the freedom to …

Jul 15th 0
P1190001 Long Termers

A couple of months in, how's Sanny getting on with his Trance X 29er…

Jul 15th 1
wdefrgthju Bits

A bike packing essential for carrying snacks?…

Jun 18th 7
P1100394 Bikes

Mark's perception of 29ers are altered in one day…

Jun 7th 6
DSC04782 Bikes

Chipps' initial thoughts on the Santa Cruz Tallboy C…

Jul 1st 1
retyui Bikes

You don't need a fatbike, but you may just end up needing this one…

Jul 1st 4
Issue81_h_Page_119_Image_0002 Bikes

In the UK you buy Canyon bikes via mail order. Whether you agree with the concept of direct sales bikes or not, they aren’t going to go away. There'…

May 24th 2
DSC_1491 Bikes

The Gyro is a bike you simply want to ride all the time.…

May 14th 1
DSC_1455 Bikes

The Mega is set to be a real cult favourite. The privateer's choice.…

May 14th 1
DSC_1486 Bikes

A proper full-bore full-suspension bike, with a healthy amount of travel…

May 14th 0

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