Baggies84-7 Clothing

If you’re a ‘shorts all year’ rider, you’ve found your shorts from now until next summer.…

Jul 1st 0
Baggies84-16 Clothing

Good on and off the trail. More of a midwinter warmer than a midsummer’s dream, though.…

Jul 1st 0
Compact design and micro-peak. Protection

Lightweight, low profile helmet made in Germany.…

Oct 8th 0
Grinder84-18 Uncategorized

If you can afford it, then it’ll certainly go the extra mile with and for you.…

Jul 1st 3
Baggies84-13 Clothing

Great versatile shorts that seem to cope with any climate comfortably.…

Jul 1st 0
Baggies84-10 Recommended

Lightweight, breathable, crashproof and possibly radioactive.…

Jul 1st 2
Grinder84-7 Forks

Bombers? Own them!…

Jul 1st 0
Grinder84-15 Wheels

They're carbon rimmed and have a healthy dose of science in the shape of a 'Nano Surface Technology' finish…

Jul 1st 0
grinder-24 Other Stuff

Secure and very easy to use (if you can lift your bike over your head)…

Jul 1st 1
Baggies84-19 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Baggies84-17 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Baggies84-9 Recommended

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Baggies84-22 Clothing

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Baggies84-21 Clothing

Dec 30th 0

Sep 11th 0
Pretty in pink.  Or yellow. Computers & GPS

Sep 12th 0
Juuuust missing the glasses. Protection

A helmet with a number of truly interesting and compelling features…

Sep 9th 1
Grinder84-12 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Grinder84-16 Protection

A whole other level of helmet?…

Oct 28th 0
83 Grinders-23 Other Stuff

A clean water source for adventures? the good DrJon investigates…

Dec 30th 0
A9R5A83 Bits

Photochromic sunnies for all your riding glasses needs?…

Dec 30th 0
83 Grinders-1 Clothing

Jul 1st 0
Islabike-2_sans-child Bikes

Isla added the Beinn 29 to the range because lots of parents who’d bought her age-specific bikes wanted a bike of the same quality for themselves. …

Dec 30th 0
Surly-1 Bikes

Aug 8th 3
A9RFC41 Stems

A stem and bars combo for the PRO look…

Aug 8th 0
Pivot-3 Bikes

The Pivot Les (see what they nearly did there?) is partly here to show that a fixed blade fork can be plugged into any hardtail. Okay, the Les isn’t…

Aug 8th 0
Grinder-30 Forks

A performance rigid fork,? Chipps checks out the carbon and Maxle'd RDO…

Jul 1st 0
A9RFC43 Luggage

UK made gear for Bikepackers and off road tourer's alike…

Jul 1st 0
83 Grinders-3 Clothing

Want the flat look with SPD's? Consider the Teva Pivot…

Jul 1st 0
Untitled-11 Wheels

Can one wheel do everything? Chipps review's Hope's contender…

Jul 1st 1

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