easton ea70

Long Termers: Benji’s Kinesis Decade Virsa

Could it be the magic at last?

April 30th, 10 21 11,344 Categories: Long Termers

ibis tranny

Long Termers: Team Singletrack’s Ibis Tranny

The continuing adventures of 1×9

April 29th, 10 3 7,273 Categories: Long Termers

I say... that's carbon under that-there skinny paint, boy...

Long Termers: Chipps’ Ibis Mojo SL

There does seem to be a fair number of Ibises (Ibii?) in the office at the moment.

March 24th, 10 26 17,337 Categories: Long Termers


Long Termers: Team Singletrack’s Ibis Tranny

Ed’s taking it all 1×9 maan.

March 18th, 10 14 10,326 Categories: Long Termers


Syncros FR Bars, FL Stem, and AM Seatpost

Here’s Tom2 with some Syncros flavoured finishing kit

March 16th, 10 7 8,258 Categories: Handlebars, Seatposts, Stems


Long Termers: Sim’s Commençal Factory Super 4

Refining a good thing.

March 16th, 10 10 8,560 Categories: Long Termers

kinesis decade virsa

Long Termers: Benji’s Kinesis Decade Virsa

Accidental singlespeeding in Shropshire.

March 15th, 10 3 4,697 Categories: Long Termers

Halo Twin Rail Courier

Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyre

Tim K’s been at it again with flouro.

March 12th, 10 2 6,123 Categories: Tyres

Kinesis Decade Virsa

Long Termers: Benji’s Kinesis Decade Virsa

It’s still a lovely green colour.

March 2nd, 10 11 8,047 Categories: Long Termers


Halo Aerorage Track Wheels

The most fluorescent yellow colour ever seen by man.

February 25th, 10 17 12,483 Categories: Wheels


Longtermers: Matt’s Santa Cruz Blur LT

It’s finished. What does it weight in at..?

February 22nd, 10 16 9,458 Categories: Long Termers

Dave's Rush takes a break

Longtermers: Dave’s Cannondale Rush XX

Fast and light has been my mantra for bivvy trips and gear.

February 11th, 10 21 11,238 Categories: Long Termers


Long Termers: Matt’s Santa Cruz Blur LT

Matt meet Blur, Blur meet Matt.

February 10th, 10 22 9,635 Categories: Long Termers


Long Termers: Sim’s Commençal Super 4

Factory frameset becomes a new bike.

February 1st, 10 18 11,656 Categories: Long Termers

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