Minoura Bike Tower

September 25, 2009

Bikes, bikes, bikes, but where to put them all? Live in a flat? Got very little space? Need an answer to the SO's familiar statement "we haven't got enough room for another bike!"

RIMG0002Minoura Bike Tower
From: Zyro www.zyro.co.uk
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Bikes, bikes, bikes, but where to put them all?  Live in a flat? Got very little space? Need an answer to the SO’s familiar statement “we haven’t got enough room for another bike!”

Let me introduce you to the Minoura Bike Tower. Its aluminium tubing is telescopic allowing you to extend, then wedge it between your floor and ceiling. No drilling involved. It will extend from 1.60 meters up to 3.1 meters so should cover the majority of room heights (unless you live in Harrogate).

At each end of the pole there is a slightly larger spring-loaded platform about 10cm across. The installation procedure involves extending the pole from floor to ceiling, overcoming the power of these springs, and tightening the allen bolt half way up the pole(s). Ideally you’d have three arms, or an accomplice, but I did manage it alone. There is a slight mark on the ceiling where I was moving it around to get it straight but it’s purely cosmetic.

It comes supplied with 2 cradles for bikes but can carry up to 4 by purchasing spare cradles. The cradles themselves allow you to adjust the angle, to deal with your sloping top tube, and each ‘hook’ can be adjusted by around 7cm to make your full suspension bike sit comfortably.

RIMG0003Since I ‘installed’ it I haven’t touched it in terms of adjustments and feel confident in hanging my bikes off it without fear of them tumbling to the ground. I’ve even done some light maintenance work on bikes while they’ve been hanging, but I’m not recommending that, and I’m sure Minoura don’t either.

Overall: an excellent idea if space is limited and could turn your bikes into a feature of the room (as long as you keep them clean).

Tom de Bruin

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