Maxxis High Roller 2

May 8, 2012


Matt reveals his thoughts on the updated High Roller tyres from Maxxis

High Roller 2
One Industries Europe,
£30 - £60 (depending on sidewall compound)
by Matt for 6 months

Maxxis updated the High Roller last year, trying to improve not only grip and braking but also reduce drag (High Rollers are only relatively high rolling – they’ve always been about the gripping). They did this by adding sipes (small cuts) in the side knobs and the centre lugs. They also made the side knobs taller for a more predictable cornering feel, and the tread profile was manipulated to help reduce resistance.

To be honest, it was hard to feel much difference with the softer compound tyres. Some of us thought that the ‘3c’ triple compound version (harder underneath, 42a in the middle, 40a on the shoulders) actually deformed more on corners. However the 60a, with its larger outside lugs, seemed noticeably better on corners and under braking.

It’s definitely still a tyre for aggressive riders, though. It seems to cope well with the hamfistedness that other tyres would probably chuck you off for. It would make a great big lad’s tyre especially if, as that big lad, you pinch flat a lot or tend to fold the tyre on corners.


Does it roll better than the old High Roller? If it does, it’s not massively noticeable. But if you were really worried about that, you’re probably not meant for this tyre anyway.

Overall: A fine successor to the original High Roller. It doesn’t seem massively different but that may well be because the original was so good there’s little to improve on.

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