Magura Marta SL Magnesium

January 26, 2010

Yes, they are double-take inducingly expensive but...

Magura Marta SL Magnesium
Price: £279 per end Correction – they’re actually £259
From: Magura
Tested: 2 months

These are the best brakes in the world. Do you need to know anything else?

Okay then, they’re light (a genuine 315g ish), they’re powerful, they’ve got excellent modulation and feel, the lever shape is lovely, they have adjustable lever reach and they look cool. Once bedded-in properly the pads will last for months. They sit next Shimano and Sram shifters perfectly well (and the angled hose exit on the lever makes for good hose routing too). They have “proper” wavy rotors that deal with filth very well (160mm, 180mm and 203mm sized rotors are available). They’re easy to shorten the hose; there’s spare olives and stuff in the box so all you need to find is a Stanley knife, a 5mm Allen key and an 8mm spanner.

Yes, they are double-take inducingly expensive but they are the best brakes in the world. So that’s fair enough in my opinion. You can also get cheaper virtually-as-good as non-magnesium non-carbon Martas.

Overall: The benchmark brake.

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