Lupine Betty R7

November 26, 2013

Astonishing light output that also features a very handy remote.

Lupine Betty R7
Leveret Productions,
by Gavin Baxter for One month

Night lights-18
4,500 lumens! That’s the headline that I predicted I would focus on here. Oh, and the fact that it costs £735. (£735!)

The build quality of the complete kit is admirable, but then it really needs to be at this price. The light and 6.6Ah battery are rated as IP68, meaning they can be operated completely submersed in water. The kit supplied includes the charger, helmet mount, 12V car charger, wireless remote, extension lead and a couple of velcro straps. The battery has no bag, but has a tough plastic casing and some non-slip material, as do the velcro straps. The optional bar mount clamp is a slim CNC quick release job, allowing the light to be mounted directly over or under the stem.

The charger is user programmable, as is the light unit, allowing the number of light settings and their power to be changed. Even the battery indicators can be changed.

The claimed battery life at full power is just one hour, so being able to switch between power levels using the remote is more than just convenient. At full power, the spread and intensity of light is so great that any reference to ‘hot spots’ is largely irrelevant. You are ostensibly riding in daylight. Despite the silly power on show, the real brilliance comes from the wireless remote control, especially when using the light mounted on a helmet. No need to fumble about to switch to full power, or back again once the trail calms.

Overall: Astonishing light output that also features a very handy remote, but a staggeringly high price to pay.


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