Long Termers: Benji’s Kinesis Decade Virsa

March 2, 2010

Kinesis Decade Virsa

It's still a lovely green colour.

Kinesis Decade Virsa

Benji’s Kinesis Decade Virsa
Price: £349 frame only
From: Upgrade www.kinesisdecade.co.uk

Just a quick update, I’ve finally been able to give the bike – in its new weight-weenie build-up – a good spanking on some proper trails. Although in theory it’s been de-gnarled a bit by putting a shorter travel fork (100mm Magura Durin SL) on the front rather than its previous 140mm Magura Thor, out on the trail it hasn’t lost too much technical/descending capability. The lowered BB height (and subsequent lower centre-of-gravity of the rider) has helped to offset any undue side-effects that come with the steepening of the head angle.

It feels a bit more connected to the trail, less vague. It flies uphill like a rocket and whips along sinuous singletrack joyously. The lateral twangy-ness feeling almost like a benefit than a distraction (as it could do when the bike was in “hardcore hardtail” build).

It’s still THAT lovely green colour. I think it needs a more appropriate seatpost and prettier saddle though.

More riding required ASAP 🙂

P.S. it weighs 22.7 lbs.

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