Long Termers: Matt’s Cannondale Six Carbon

June 28, 2010

Yes, it is flipping road bike.

It’s like a guilty secret isn’t it ?

“Hello My name’s Matt and I may become a Roadie”

Anyway, confessional over. After last year’s “wilderness” period (broken ankles and vodka Martinis and brandy and red wine and..) it’s time to get on with getting on.

So after a few phone calls I have this.

It’s a Cannondale Six Road bike. (Thanks to the eternally youthful Mike Cotty for his help)

Currently I have little tell you in relative perfomance terms compared to other road bikes, as I’ve never owned one for long enough, and the one I did own was a deliberatley retro steel affair.

What I can tell you. It’s mental light and seems to make a lot of snot come out of my face while I’m riding it. It doesn’t seem like you are going fast but your lungs legs and watch tell you otherwise. I think this may make me grovel more than any mountain bike I’ve owned. It demands that you attack everything and has no interest in energy conservation or leaving a bit for the return leg.

Basically it’s just what i need to get fit.

Next update I’ll tell you: how on Earth you are meant to make them stop, where you can get food cheaply in a 50 mile radius, and whether or not I’ve gone for a wax.

‘Til next time…

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