Lezyne Classic Dirt Floor Drive track pump

January 2, 2014

Big, satisfying volume from a great looking pump – that’s made just for us mountain bikers.

Classic Dirt Floor Drive track pump
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by Chipps for Five months


Track pumps are usually neglected things that sit in the shed or the car, expected to work perfectly when called on. This Dirt Floor Drive pump feels a bit more special than that – like it’s been designed with mountain bikers (only!) in mind.   The three-legged base is big and stable and the big gauge is easy to read, even down by your feet (where it is). The chuck is a celebration of engineering in itself. For Presta valves it’ll thread onto the valve for super secure fitting (there’s a rotating collar so your hose doesn’t twist up) and there’s also a pressure-bleed button for fine-tuning. If you want a quicker pumping experience there’s an extra, unthreaded plastic head that fits into the hose chuck and then simply pushes onto the valve. This is more convenient and quicker to use than the threaded chuck, but less secure; your choice.

The mountain bike-only intentions of the pump are evident in the gauge. This only goes up to 70psi (still good for commuting pressures on a mountain bike) and combines with the volume of the pump to make it both very good for mountain bikes and eliminate the danger of your roadie friends borrowing it.

Key to the pump is that it moves a massive amount of air through its big hose. On the whole it’s managed to seat and inflate both mountain bike and ’cross tubeless (and tubed) tyre setups. There’s always some that won’t play, but nothing has proved a problem for this pump. My only niggle is that the chuck can sometimes unscrew a valve core as you remove it; use the quick head if that happens to you.

Overall: Big, satisfying volume from a great looking pump – that’s made just for us mountain bikers.

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